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When Covid-19 took over our lives I, like many other therapists, hairdressers, beauty therapists downed tools, packed our chairs and couches away, and was left wondering what would happen next and when we would get back into seeing our clients.

Some of my clients were great and knew how to manage their self care, however it quickly became apparent that others were really struggling.  Lockdown life was tough and they were looking for resources to help them. Their fitness was decreasing, they were snacking without thought, sleep patterns were all over the place and laughter – ‘what was that again’.

At the end of 2020 I launched the Lifestyle Reviews – giving clients the opportunity to connect online with me and take stock of their physical and emotional wellbeing.  The reviews look at fitness (movement), nutrition (from a planning view point), rest (sleep is essential), relaxation and mindset/motivation. These are all areas that pop up in the therapy room on a daily basis.  After launching the reviews I realised a couple of sessions were great and really effective, but people had developed new habits in 2020 (some good, some not so).  I am notoriously an organiser. I am that person in a group of friends who is always trying to encourage get togethers; I make lists and diarize everything!  ‘Maybe this could help my clients to refocus and organise their lives too, creating daily habits to bring calm clarity and joy.’

Radiance the lifestyle planner was born.  Created out of a need to explore new habits, to embed them into daily life and help my clients rediscover their passions whilst feeling  better physically and emotionally.

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