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Sunday 23rd June

Treatments available:

Monday-Thursday 10am-8pm

Friday 10am-4pm

Holistic spa style treatments designed to help you acheive calm, relaxation and a greater sense of wellbeing.

My philosophy at Radiance is a holistic one.

It’s wonderful to experience the relaxation and re-balance treatments offer, but if you leave the therapy room and go back to using ‘unfriendly’ products (those ladened with chemicals, unnecessary fillers and unnatural ingredients) you are wasting the good work done.

Facial products used are from Temple Spa Temple Spa – (Voted Best British Brand at the CEW Consumer Awards 2022).  The products are gorgeous, smell amazing and contain botanically derived extracts).


A note from me:

A holistic therapist for many years, I work with clients both face to face and online.  One of the most frequent issues faced is disrupted, disturbed and lack of sleep. Sleep can be affected by many factors, from environmental, stress, relationships, work, what we eat, do during the day. To answer some of these, and other questions taken from the treatment room I wrote this little ebook to help point clients in the right direction and give them some action points to work on.

If you would like a copy, order your copy below for just £4.97 and you can have it to hand anytime (whatever time day or night) you need to.

This e-book has been created as a first step tool to help you feel more refreshed, have more energy and feel better about climbing out of bed every day.

Order your copy here