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Our Products

Holistic spa style treatments designed to help you acheive calm, relaxation and a greater sense of wellbeing.

Our Products

Holistic spa style treatments designed to help you acheive calm, relaxation and a greater sense of wellbeing.

Our philosophy at Radiance is a holistic one.

It’s wonderful to experience the relaxation and re-balance treatments offer, but if you leave the therapy room and go back to using ‘unfriendly’ products (those ladened with chemicals, unnecessary fillers and unnatural ingredients) you are wasting the good work done. That is why we use Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic health and beauty products, SPA Ritual nail products and a specially selected range of organic teas. You can purchase any of these products from Radiance, or use the NYRO shop to order directly.

Neals Yard Remedies Organic – shop here.

Recommended by RADIANCE therapy

Sarah at Radiance is passionate about the world around us, empowering people to make conscious choices. Always looking for sustainable, eco-friendly options, or purchasing products that have meaning and depth from their founders is hugely important. Selected below are some companies she supports and endorses – some for their eco-friendly credentials, some for their health benefits for clients, some simply because they match in their approach to business and people she loves to be associated with. Each company works differently, but on the whole they are affiliate links (meaning they pay Sarah varying %ages as a thank you for highlighting them).

She hopes you love the products as much as she does!

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A note from me:

A holistic therapist for over 15 years, Sarah works with clients both face to face and online, looking at lifestyle issues – sounds fluffy – but consider this..

* do you love what you do?

* is your work your passion?

* has family life paused your dreams and aspirations?

* has on going stress and health issues changed your plans?

All questions tackled at Radiance (there are many more).  Sleep disruption is often the first obviously indication that your wellbeing is effected by your lifestyle, by looking at some of the causes you can help ease yourself to a better nights sleep.

This e-book has been created as a first step tool to help you feel more refreshed, have more energy and feel better about climbing out of bed every day.


Order your copy here


A note from me:

As a lover of everything to do with yoga, this was a no brainer link up for me. From mats, to wheat bags to help with relaxation, to eye pillows and bolsters you should be able to find everything you need to make your yoga or meditation session a bit more special.

A note from the brand:

Curated products for mindful living, inspired by a love of yoga

Everything we sell in our yoga shop is made by yogis to fit and flatter you, to help you find your peaceful place, and to show the planet serious love.


A note from me:

When I came across Just Strong I thought, oh no another gym range. I was very wrong. They use their team of Ambassadors – ordinary women (or rather strong women) in their promo material and this sparked my interest. I love the support community they provide and inspirational images.

A note from the brand:

We are a lifestyle brand for strong women. Whether you are an experienced lifter, a new starter or have simply overcome great adversaries in your life, the JustStrong community is here to make sure you never give up.

When ordering from Just Strong use code: SARBROM10


A note from me:

Grace & Green – a fabulous company and I wish they had been around for much longer. From the eco-friendly packaging to the minute detail of the way the cords are formed in the tampons you will never have realised supplies for your menstruation was so technical. Their website is a simple to understand with great explanations about the products, helping you to make the right choice for you. Order from their website and use these codes to get discounts:

radianceperiod : 25% off quarterly subscriptions. Once the first order has been delivered though there is no contractual obligation, all subscriptions can be cancelled, amended or delayed.
radiancecup: 20% discount off our range of cups. 

A note from the brand:

Grace & Green — natural feminine hygiene.
Our products are our mission. Natural, 100% organic ingredients that put safety first. Conscious on people and planet.



A note from me:

These feel like a bit of a treat, but they shouldn’t be! Every year millions of coconut shells are discarded as a bi product of the coconut industry. So why not use them rather than wasting them.

A note from the brand:

Our values of health, sustainability and community are an important part of everything that we do and the best part, they were inspired by you. By creating products with purpose, we are able to do well by doing good for both people and the planet.