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The choice of facials available are vast, and it can be confusing to know which one to choose.  Most of us start with an issue we want to tackle, such as congested skin – appearing as dullness, little bumps under the skin, or small black/whiteheads; or we are looking for an antiaging, miracle solution (amazing that some are even promoted as ‘miracle’ options.  Searching for a local beautician or therapist and you will come across many options – from micro needling, IPL, microdermabrasion, or a facial closer to the one you may do for yourself at home (when you have time) – a classic facial.

The Radiance Facial is closest to a classic facial, and the products I use you can replicate at home safely to continue the great work they do.  All of the Radiance Facials (at the treatment room in Theale, Berkshire) include a head, neck, and shoulder massage for total relaxation.  It has been shown that stress and tension has an aging effect on our faces – our muscles look tense and from lines extenuate when we are stressed.  By relaxing the whole head, this tense eases and can be seen instantly after a treatment.

The Radiance Facial follows the traditional protocol:

Cleanse: to remove day to day dirt and grim

Tone: to remove remainder of cleanser and provide an instant hit of hydration

Exfoliate: to break down the dead skin cells and remove them.  This starts to process of brightening the skin with light reflecting on the new skin beneath.

Massage: as a holistic therapist this is my key to the facial treatment.  It is now that the magic happens and if you haven’t dozed off a couple of times yet, you will now. This is the longest part of my facial treatment and I focus on releasing tight muscles, lifting the jowl line, eyebrows, soothing away puffiness, and congestion.

Head and Shoulder Massage: the natural flow of the facial massage gravitates to the head and shoulders.  We hold so much stress and tension in these areas, but a regular head massage can ease this, even to the point of reducing frequency and force of stress headaches and neck tension.

Mask: there are many types of masks, from cooling gel masks to tighten, clay-based ones to draw impurities from the skin and rich creamy ones to sooth, calm and rehydrate.

Following your relaxation time while the mask is doing its work, I apply eye products – to ease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, a serum – there are many of these, my most frequently used are a moisture boosting, brightening one and a lifting one which increases the skin elasticity.

The final flourish in the Radiance Facial is a moisturiser, chosen from a selection to suit your skin type and personal preferences.

Gua Sha / Stone Therapy

A popular addition to the Radiance Facial is Gua Sha aka Stone Therapy.  The Gua Sha facials incorporate the use of tools – from jade rollers, rose quartz stones of varying shapes are just a couple of examples, and stainless-steel shapes.  Traditional jade has been used for its calming and soothing qualities for the mind, body, and soul. It brings a healing glow to the skin. Rose quartz is a soothing stone, giving the vibrational healing of love and calming whilst helping to improve blood circulation. The stones are completely natural and last for a lifetime (unless you clumsily drop them) and are simple to care for.  These are a nice addition to your facial kit at home and I teach my clients little tips for their home care support.  I often use a black stone and stainless-steel tools; the black stone – black obsidian – is good for emotional conditions and helpful with setting intentions and mindset, making them ideal for stress related conditions and anxiety.  The stainless-steel tools are wonderfully cool, hypoallergenic, and less breakable than stone!

I use the tools in a Gua Sha facial throughout the massage and towards the end of the treatment.  Clients who experience a Gua Sha facial rarely return to the classic Radiance Facial – reporting that they feel more relaxed, seeing a different in the appearance of their fine lines and wrinkles. Overall, they love the upgrade.

Facials are not always considered as a therapeutic treatment, but they should be!  Facials are deeply relaxing, provide a fresh feeling and lightness.

A client who recently visited for her treatment left this review:

Sarah’s facial and Indian head massage are just fabulous treatments. I was so deeply relaxed – cloud nine – and my skin felt wonderful. I love Sarah’s holistic approach and I always feel that Sarah genuinely cares and does not treat people as just another client. Highly recommended.

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