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I love a good podcast.  I think this is due to my preferred way of learning, I am an auditory learner, something I have only discovered in the last few years when I was taking an entry level teaching exam. When it dawned on me that this is how I learn, I realised my interest in talk style radio, listening to TV while multitasking (I don’t need to see the screen to know what is going on), and my love of music and lyrics suddenly made sense.

Podcasts, audio books and radio are a wonderful way for me to learn new topics; the information sinks in much better than if I read about them.

Below I have created a list of my current favourite podcasts and why I love them. I hope you get a chance to dip into the ones that spike your interest! (in no particular order)

The Kindness Economy – Mary Portas

A fan of Mary Portas, I love her work as a retailer and businesswoman.  She talks about how to make kindness one of the key factors in business.

Parenting Hell – Rob Beckett & Josh Widdecombe

If you have young children, or remember the days like yesterday, dip into Parenting Hell.  I wait for each episode to drop and can often be found walking the dog, laughing as I go along.  Not one for the feint hearted or children to listen to, but if you want to hear two comedians being unleashed to share their parenting woes – you have been warned.  I particularly love their honesty and sharing on mental health and many episodes will remind you we all struggle at times.

Give me strength – Alice Liveing

I discovered Alice during lockdowns when I was looking for inspiring trainers who spoke with experience and a reality.  In her podcast she talks to amazing people about resilience – mental and physical – great motivation.  Check out her Instagram  as welll for honest exercise tips.

Mature Muscle

Hosted by 2 personal trainers, this is exactly what it says in the name – a podcast for the older person (well over 40’s – is that the older person?).  There are a few episodes which are a bit male focused, but they also have some great episodes – one notable one with Amanda Thebe on menopause, with others covering long covid.  It is well worth having a browse through the titles and starting with one that sparks your interest.

The Food Chain – from BBC World Service

These are a little shorter than some podcasts delving into the science, business and cultural significance in the food on your plate.  They cover some fascinating topics – quite simply if you like food, interested in cooking, or where our ingredients come from this is a good podcast.


Plus – ones where you might recognise the guest 😉

The Chrysalis Connections

This was my first time on a podcast and in I share the story how I came to be involved in holistic therapies.

Open Doors Open Mind

A local podcast where Scott Allan and Danyl Johnson talk to a variety of guests about mental health.  They pose questions such as ‘can mental health be cured’ and ‘what is holistic therapy’ (guess who is on that one). Check them out and subscribe to their page.