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In recent weeks there have been reports in the press about the changes some women have experienced with their periods. Women noticing that during the extended lockdowns and beyond their monthly cycles have changed, some have experienced heavier periods, some lighter, some more frequent, some stopping altogether. Your monthly cycle can be affected by many factors, and before you assume its ‘lockdown’ I always advise you seek medical advice about ANY changes. Changes can be caused by perimenopause, menopause, weight change, over exercise, along with some medical conditions, and this can be detected by a medical practitioner. A reminder, holistic therapists are not medically qualified, nor is your best friend (well unless your best friend is a doctor), Dr Google – or anywhere else you go searching for information. – that’s the reminder done!

Once you have been checked out and all medical reasons uncovered and dealt with by your doctor (if needed) you still might be at a loss as to why your periods have changed. For some women irregular periods have become regular and you’re feeling great. Ideal, no need for you to take any action. However, if you are looking for a way to get back to your ‘normal’ that’s where a holistic therapist can help.

As someone who practises both aromatherapy and reflexology, I know both methods can be of benefit. It can be a bit of trial and error, just as with every person’s cycle being different so is the way we approach from the therapy side.

For example, if in a consultation is transpires that disrupted sleep has also been an issue, this is the first starting point. We would consider your sleep hygiene, your sleep schedule, use essential oils for bedtime to relax (lavender is the classic choice, chamomile or frankincense would also be good options). A regular relaxing massage with the same combination of oils would be beneficial; or maybe you prefer reflexology (evening treatments are ideal as you can leave the treatment room, go home, and climb straight into bed – I even have clients come to me in their pyjamas for evening appointments to save time – they seriously are ready for bed).  A note, aroma reflex is a treatment which combines both modalities and with my treatments I include a mini pot of the bespoke ointment blend used in the treatment for you to take home for supportive home care.

It could be that during lockdown you noticed an increase in mood swings, anger, frustration, tears, sadness. Essential oils are well known to help with depression and mood changes, along with a regular* massage you can add home support by diffusing or bathing in oils. I also offer a service to clients that they can purchase a bespoke bath gel or body lotion with their own personal blend to make it easy for use. Ask for details at your next treatment. BOOK HERE

Lack of energy is often stated when clients come to the treatment room, and this can be hugely disruptive to their every day life.  Periods changing can be an indicator that this has been a factor for some time.  They also may be the cause of energy changes. Clients have found the lifestyle reviews a great starting point when considering the lack of energy,  for example you may have lost your enthusiasm for your job during lockdown (conditions, location, personnel changing, or it just doesn’t excite you anymore); you may have to look at your food and nutrition (irregular meals, increased snacking, increased stimulations – caffeine/sugar – which do give you an instant hit, but ultimately cause disruption to your energy levels resulting in you feeling depleted.

If you have noticed changes in your periods since the start of lockdown:

  • Get checked out by a medical practitioner
  • If you/they feel it’s a lifestyle issue speak to a holistic therapist.
  • It may be that the medics can help you with supporting treatments from a therapist – hormone imbalances are a classic example.
  • Make sure that before they treat you, the therapist goes through a full consultation – this should take about 20 minutes prior to your first appointment.
  • They will advise on the next course of action and give you some initial tips to make positive change, devising a bespoke plan for you.
  • Remember, periods do change as you age, and some changes are perfectly normal
  • Give the holistic treatments time to work. Seriously, if you expect a one-off reflexology treatment to get you back to your normal – don’t waste your money! (Unless you just want some me time, then go for it).
  • Be realistic about expectations. Ask the therapist what you can expect and tell them what you want to achieve.
  • When it works – tell everyone, share the positive outcome with friends and let them know how amazing your therapist is!


Regular* – this is different for each client. Some will require a weekly treatment when conditions are chronic, some a monthly maintenance treatment. Clients often start with 3-6 week programme with the aim to stretching this to monthly.