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If you are a runner or training, particularly focusing on an event, you might turn to a sports massage to help ease aches and pains, to help resolve injuries or to aid your recovery.  If I’m completely honest (I may be biased here) I’m not a fan of sports massages – I have the treatment to help with pain and all they seem to do is cause me more pain.  I’m not saying that after the treatment I don’t feel the benefit and feel great, but surely there must be a way of benefiting from massage without more pain?  Do you know what I mean by this?

Thankfully, there is an alternative.  Did  you know aromatherapy massage is a great option for those who need a massage to help when training but want to avoid the discomfort you can sometimes encounter with a sports massage?

Aromatherapy massage is the solution! Essential oils add another dimension to a massage, these little natural compounds can help ease aches and pains, help with motivation and moods in training, boost circulation – and much more. At your treatment the aromatherapist will create a blend for you based on your needs. For example ..

  • You need to reduce inflammation, so they might add some rosemary essential oil due to its relaxing properties


  • You need to relax aching muscles; they might use juniper essential oil in a blend for its antispasmodic properties


  • You need to ease anxiety and stress, so they could add some lavandin in for calming and healing

Massage is the most common method for using the oils but the great thing about using essential oils is your aromatherapist can create home use products for you to continue the treatments.  You could have a bath oil for a soothing post training run experience, or a massage oil for targeting specific areas that are suffering.

The best time for you to have your last massage is 5-10 days before a race day, the best time for your first one is now! Regular massages as part of your training schedule will soothe muscles, lessen the chance of injury, improve blood circulation, reduce fatigue, and boost motivation.  Actually, even if you are not training for an event, these are great reasons for an aromatherapy massage

The best time for you to have your first massage post event is within the first week. It will help ease the soreness, help reduce any swelling, gently stretch your muscles, promote your body’s natural healing process and its your reward for a good job done!