Indian Head Massage

Experience an Indian Head Massage and you will be hooked.  There is something comforting about your head being supported in the therapist’s hands that brings about a sense of calm and clarity.  Historically it is a treatment that is shared by families, as the description of says it originates in India, but today is used by therapists worldwide.  Indian Head Massage focuses on the head, neck and shoulders using a variety of massage techniques and can be a stand-alone treatment or in a combination with others, e.g. a facial to bring a deeper sense of relaxation, or reflexology, the ultimate ‘top-to-toe’ treatment.

Ideal for anyone who needs to de-stress, experiences tension in the neck with the added benefit of promoting healthy hair.  Treatments can be taken seated, however at Radiance you will usually experience this one lying on a couch.  Oils can be used, although some clients prefer not to (they fear leaving the therapy room looking like a greasy ball) they are advised to take advantage of the gorgeous hair treatment product used to condition their hair.   Suitable for all ages as it is safe, simple but very effective.

The benefits of Indian Head Massage are numerous – here are just a few:

  • brings clarity to busy minds
  • helps ease tension
  • can help clear congestion and colds
  • encourages hair growth
  • can ease headaches
  • can help with sleep and anxiety

There are times when treatment may not be suitable ie unstable blood pressure, recent operations, explained bumps – a full consultation is always taken to ensure your wellbeing and safety.