Warm Bamboo & Hot Stone Massage

Warm Bamboo Massage

Warm Bamboo is a treatment few have experienced and many more should! Using smooth warm bamboo sticks of varying lengths you can experience a deeper massage eases muscles and helps improve skin tone.  The bamboo is a tool for mechanical movement but is also helps the body to absorb essential minerals.  The warmth of the sticks help to disperse toxins and improve circulation, making a more efficient and effective massage therapy.

Ideal for cyclists, runners or anyone who experiences muscle tightness, it is a great alternative to deep tissue massage

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is often a treatment experienced at hotels/spas and can be considered as a luxury treatment; it also has many holistic benefits.  It is by no means a new massage technique with records showing stones being used in China as early as 2000BC, in India 5000 years ago and by Native Americans.  Fortunately today we do not need to use rocks from river beds or from hot coals but warm our stones in a more modern method. 

Clients report a sense of deeper relaxation than a traditional massage, induced by the warmth resulting in a nuturing treatment to ease aches, pains both physcially and emotionally.

Suitable for those looking for deep relaxation, or if sufffering stress tension, but want to avoid invasive sports massage style treatments.

There may be times when treatment is no suitable and an alternative may be possible, this will be discussed at your appointment, or ask for advice when booking.