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The Radiance Lifestyle Planner covers 6 topics I consider essential for your wellbeing.  It is no coincidence that the first topic is ‘fun’  – no literally not that the topic is fun – it is titled Fun

Fun is often a word associated with frivolous behaviour or something not serious.  It seems to me that we expect children to have fun (and become concerned for them when they don’t) but when we become adults – what happens?  Life. Life happens.  Work, commitments, responsibilities, financial strains, and much more all sap our energy and emotions and the fun stuff can get left as a distant memory. More of that later…

  • Can you remember the last time you genuinely had fun?
  • Do you have an element of fun every day?
  • Do you have fun at work?

My aim for the planner is that everyone introduces more fun back in their lives.  Whether it is a belly laugh with friends, a good sing along to music in the car, learning a new hobby or experiencing a delicious meal at a favourite restaurant, or even a treatment to relax and recharge.  A note on this, fun does not have to be crazy and wild – it can be – but it can also be something simple to bring a smile to your face.  While I am on this one remember to smile at other people – smiling is infectious and it’s lovely when they return it.


Why is fun important?

Having fun helps create a positive mindset which is turn helps us make better decisions in life.  We usually have more fun with other people, this encourages more social connection, and we are essential social animals.


A word of warning:

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘too much of a good thing’?  Fun is created when we do new or different things, so you need mix it up and do different fun stuff to boost your happiness.  When we are happy, we create memories, and it is no surprise we can remember the details of a holiday years ago, but our brains filter the boring everyday stuff out that we did last week.  We can recall a moment in time when we properly laughed.  Having fun triggers strong emotions. Fun Matters!


Top ideas for introducing fun back in your life:

? create a playlist of your favourite sing along songs.

? watch a comedy, or listen to a podcast.

? puzzle books and colouring books are a quieter way to have fun and good for your relaxation & mindset

?‍♀️ go for walks with friends, visit the countryside, get out into nature

? book a favourite restaurant

? organise a picnic with friends (that’s almost a combination of the previous two!)

? smile – wake up with a smile on your face, share it with others.  Its free!

? have a treatment, I would love to see you for a treatment in the therapy room.  Having trouble deciding which one just ask!