About Radiance

Radiance was born in 2006.  Originally a mobile therapy business offering Aromatherapy massage, by 2012 Sarah, the owner, created the Radiance therapy room and the mobile business was packed away.  The home based therapy room has been welcoming clients ever since, the most commonly heard phrase is ‘leave me here and wake me up in an hour’. In 2011, Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic was brought in to enhance the treatments, giving clients the opportunity to purchase products to continue the therapies at home. 

Treatments have evolved over the last few years and a range of spa style, affordable therapies are now available. Often bespoke and always adaptable to your individual needs.

Aim of Radiance

The philosophy of Radiance is to help you obtain and maintain your optimum health.  The fundamentals of good health are not complicated for many of us, lifestyle can have a huge impact – whether you struggle to take time our, switch off from work, have busy family lives, don’t make time to eat, exercise or sleep properly – these are all aspects considered when you visit Radiance.  Even the most dedicated, health conscious person will have days when things don’t quite go to plan.  Radiance creates an environment where for just a short time you can gather your thoughts, take some timeout for yourself and enjoy a Spa life experience without having to take a whole day away or endure the day rate before you have even had a treatment.